Attack of the Meme

You can blame this on MovieMan0283 at The Dancing Image for starting this up and T.S. at Screen Savour for tagging me. 😉 So before we get to the goodies, here are the rules for the latest Internet fad:

1. You must not have seen any of the films on your list, either in theatres or on video.

2. The films on your list should not be available on Netflix (this will be the criteria for “availability” since it’s too hard to track down what’s available where, to who, etc.)

3. You can organize the list however you want, in themed couplets like Piper’s original list, or just as twelve semi-random films.

4. You must credit and link to my blog, Piper’s blog for getting the original ball rolling, and for good measure, the guys at Out 1 for planting the seed.

5. Tag five people to keep the meme going.

6. If you’re too lazy to follow all of these rules, but still want to participate, you have my blessing (the more the merrier). Except for the rule about linking to my blog. That you still have to obey.

This time around I decided to break the films up into pairs of two, mostly by director. At first I thought that this would be too hard to accomplish (while abiding by the rules, that is), but then I remembered that there were quite a few Italian films that I couldn’t find on NetFlix. So doing some backtracking, and aided by a few bouts of genius, let’s get this party started:

Theme: Vittorio De Sica (Director)
Films: Shoe Shine / The Gold of Naples

Theme: Roberto Rossellini (Director) / Ingrid Bergman (Actor)
Films: Stromboli / Journey to Italy

Theme: Luchino Visconti (Director)
Films: Senso / Days of Glory

Theme: Abel Gance (Director)
Films: Napoleon / I Accuse

Theme: Miscellaneous
Films: Chaplin / Sleuth (1972)


Theme: Hitchcock Films that NEED to Be More Available
Films: Notorious / Rebecca

Honorable Mention:
War of the Buttons (Why is this gem not on DVD yet?)

Obligatory Tags:

Movie Reviews By CaptainD

The Kinetoscope Parlor

YDKS Movies

Celluloid Fire


(EDIT: Just found out that this is my 100th post. Yay)


Coen Bros’ Burn After Reading Gets More Posters!

*The posters have been removed at the request of Focus Features*

This film is going to be a barrel of oddball fun. I think Ethan and Joel are making this to relax after doing No Country for Old Men last year. 🙂

Tuesday’s Coming: DVD Releases 7/15

Upcoming DVD releases for the week of July 15th:

1. The Bank Job
Why? Jason Statham

2. Penelope
Why? Great cast. Intriguing preview.

3. Trafic [Criterion Release]
Why? Criterion.

4. Bill
Why? Harv…Aaron Eckhart.

5. Step Up 2: The Streets

6. Shutter

7. College Road Trip

Swiveling the Spotlight: Joe Johnston

I was just checking through some of my favorite films, looking for others to add to my must watch list. One of the directors I found was Joe Johnston. I didn’t realize this before, but I’ve seen all of his films. Here’s a quick ranking:

1. October Sky (1999)
2. The Rocketeer (1991)
3. Honey, I Shrunk The Kids (1989)
4. The Pagemaster (1994)
5. Jurassic Park III (2001)
6. Hidalgo (2004)
7. Jumanji (1995)

It turns out that Joe Johnston is directing The Wolf Man, which will be released next year. Benicio Del Toro stars in the titular role. Anthony Hopkins, Hugo Weaving, and rising actress Emily Blunt are in this as well.

Hancock Was Good

Directed By: Peter Berg
Starring: Will Smith / Jason Bateman / Charlize Theron

Synopsis: Will Smith plays Hancock, an apathetic superhero who causes more mayhem than he thwarts. When a P.R. man (Jason Bateman) is saved by Hancock, he takes it upon himself to help Hancock rid himself of his bad reputation.

Armed only with the knowledge afforded me by the previews, I went to see Hancock not quite knowing what to expect. I thought it was very entertaining and had a solid, original story. It looked great, and Will Smith did his thing. I didn’t care for the constant ‘shaky cam’ approach in the film and some parts of the story either didn’t make sense to me or could have used a few finishing touches. If you’re looking for a fresh superhero film (that won’t be joining the Avengers), Hancock is the film for you.

You can watch the preview for Hancock HERE.

Burn After Reading Poster

(Hat-tip to Row Three)

Looking good, if I may say so myself. I love the ‘classic’ style of this poster. It reminds me of Rear Window and other films from that era. And it’s not a typical poster (like the one for Righeous Kill, for example), which  show the usual floating heads.

Very cool.

Righteous Kill Poster