Horror Fest: Day 2

This is the day that I was anticipating the most. Frankenstein is clearly an influential film, but I had no idea how much so. I’m pretty sure Peter Jackson paid homage to the ending of the film with Saruman’s demise in the extended edition of Return of the King. We were planning on watching The Creature from the Black Lagoon today as well, but that didn’t work out time-wise. We’ll probably end up watching it on Thursday, though.

Directed By: James Whale
Starring: Boris Karloff / Colin Clive / Dwight Frye

The Bride of Frankenstein
Directed By: James Whale
Starring: Boris Karloff / Colin Clive / Elsa Lanchester /Ernest Thesiger / Dwight Frye

Top 10 Guilty Pleasures…

…movies that I like, but probably shouldn’t.

In descending order according to their IMDb rankings:

The Master of Disguise

Honestly, I don’t know WHY I like this one.

Kung Pow! Enter the First

It’s just a lot of Oedekerk-y (Yes, I had to copy/paste that name) fun.

Ang Lee’s Hulk

Yes, I definitely prefer this over The Incredible Hulk. Better casting, story, and direction. I won’t go into too much detail, though. I’m wanting to do a more in-depth review at some point down the road.

Lady in the Water

(Got tired of the usual poster) Again, I’m wanting to write up a review for this as well. But I really enjoyed watching this one. Fun and intriguing.

Intolerable Cruelty

What can I say? It’s a quirky romantic comedy from the Coen Bros. You can read my review here.


It’s a Weird Al film starring Michael Richards and a mop. Watch it already! There are just TOO many clips that I could show. But this one is a personal favorite:

Cop Land

People probably do like this one, but it deserves the plug. 🙂

Cannibal: The Musical

Yeah, definitely a guilty pleasure. A college film from Tery Parker and Matt Stone? Count me in.

The Adventures of Milo & Otis

Pugs are cute.

Peter Jackson’s King Kong

I get a lot of flack for preferring this to the original. What can I say? It blew me away. Sure it isn’t perfect, but neither is the original.

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