Horror Fest: Day 4

Here’s what we got through on our last day. In hindsight, a more apt title would be “Monster Fest”, really. If I find time I’ll most likely be posting some thoughts on what I saw within the next few days or so.

Creature from the Black Lagoon
Directed By: Jack Arnold
Starring: Richard Carlson / Julie Adams

House of Wax
Directed By: André De Toth
Starring: Vincent Price / Phyllis Kirk / Charles Bronson

The Invisible Man
Directed By: James Whale
Starring: Claude Rains / Gloria Stuart

The Last Man on Earth
Directed By: Ubaldo Ragona
Starring: Vincent Price


One Response

  1. Joseph, the best of that last lot was of course (easily) Whale’s THE INVISIBLE MAN, which has that iconic lead performances and some dazzling special effects for the day and a very emotional ‘human’ story. Many consider it to be a masterpiece and one of the very best of the Universal horror films.

    Yeah, THE LAST MAN ON EARTH wasn’t all that memorable, even if Price is always engaging. Saw it twice and never really thought it was anything special.

    CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON is still a guilty pleasure (I see your 2 and a half star rating tells you weren’t thrilled with it) that showcases that B grade 50’s filmic sensibilities, but the movie is still a lot of fun. Hokey monster!

    HOUSE OF WAX is quality Price, another fun movie with engaging plot and good filmaking overall.

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