Horror Fest: Day 3

The Mummy
Directed By: Karl Freund
Starring: Boris Karloff / Edward Van Sloan

The Wolf Man
Directed By: George Waggner
Starring: Lon Chaney Jr. / Claude Rains / Bela Lugosi

House on Haunted Hill
Directed By: William Castle
Starring: Vincent Price


3 Responses

  1. THE MUMMY is one of the greatest of the Universal horror films, and I especially love that chilling sequence when the tomb is broken into and the perpretrator is mummified alive. Karloff is outstanding.

    THE WOLF MAN is another one that is rightly famous, even if Ms. Ouspenskaya overacts and it is all so straightforward. Of course it has often been emulated.

    HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL, which I have seen in my life probably over 60 times, has always been a guilty pleasure. He is the perfect Halloween movie!

  2. I totally respect you for watching the classics. Not enough people (including myself) go back and really focus on classics. I’m surprised that House on Haunted Hill didn’t get a higher rating, I heard a lot of people LOVE that movie. I haven’t seen it yet (like I said, I need to go back and watch all these movies) so I can’t officially weigh in.

  3. I liked the first half of HoHH more than the last half, that’s for sure. Vincent Price really sold it for me.

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