Attack of the Meme

You can blame this on MovieMan0283 at The Dancing Image for starting this up and T.S. at Screen Savour for tagging me. 😉 So before we get to the goodies, here are the rules for the latest Internet fad:

1. You must not have seen any of the films on your list, either in theatres or on video.

2. The films on your list should not be available on Netflix (this will be the criteria for “availability” since it’s too hard to track down what’s available where, to who, etc.)

3. You can organize the list however you want, in themed couplets like Piper’s original list, or just as twelve semi-random films.

4. You must credit and link to my blog, Piper’s blog for getting the original ball rolling, and for good measure, the guys at Out 1 for planting the seed.

5. Tag five people to keep the meme going.

6. If you’re too lazy to follow all of these rules, but still want to participate, you have my blessing (the more the merrier). Except for the rule about linking to my blog. That you still have to obey.

This time around I decided to break the films up into pairs of two, mostly by director. At first I thought that this would be too hard to accomplish (while abiding by the rules, that is), but then I remembered that there were quite a few Italian films that I couldn’t find on NetFlix. So doing some backtracking, and aided by a few bouts of genius, let’s get this party started:

Theme: Vittorio De Sica (Director)
Films: Shoe Shine / The Gold of Naples

Theme: Roberto Rossellini (Director) / Ingrid Bergman (Actor)
Films: Stromboli / Journey to Italy

Theme: Luchino Visconti (Director)
Films: Senso / Days of Glory

Theme: Abel Gance (Director)
Films: Napoleon / I Accuse

Theme: Miscellaneous
Films: Chaplin / Sleuth (1972)


Theme: Hitchcock Films that NEED to Be More Available
Films: Notorious / Rebecca

Honorable Mention:
War of the Buttons (Why is this gem not on DVD yet?)

Obligatory Tags:

Movie Reviews By CaptainD

The Kinetoscope Parlor

YDKS Movies

Celluloid Fire


(EDIT: Just found out that this is my 100th post. Yay)


8 Responses

  1. I like your list also. I can’t believe “Chaplin” or “Sleuth” aren’t out on DVD here. Sadly, I believe the others’ absence all too easily.

  2. Hey, great list! I’m sorry to have tagged you and coaxed you into making the list, but I was honestly curious what films you’d select and you did not fail to appease my curiosity. 🙂 I agree completely on so many of your selections, and would love the chance to see them. I also agree that “Rebecca” and “Notorious” should be more widely available; I was one of the lucky folks who was able to buy “Notorious” from Criterion before it went out of print, but now “Rebecca” is just wa-a-a-a-ay too expensive in its resale for that.

  3. No problem at all. I neglected to add a quick 😉 In my post. Cheers!

  4. Brave of you to go for pairs, I tried but realized I couldn’t squeeze them into that category. I probably should have put Stromboli on my list but Europa 51 soured me a bit on Bergman/Rossellini combos (though I did like Voyage in Italy). Senso was on my list too, hope somebody takes the hint…

    I can’t believe Notorious isn’t on Netflix (is it completely unavailable on DVD these days?). That seems incredibly stupid. Not that the other movies aren’t great too, but it’s not like Notorious is lacking for an audience.

  5. Wow, that’s quite the cerebral list there Joseph. I’m still amazed Piper’s meme continues to make the rounds.

    BTW, whatever happened to your “on the way to/coming back from” video blog? That was a good idea. Cram a couple of extra people in there and you’ve got gold.

  6. Awesome list indeed, I too have been tagged and doubt I can actually find the time to make a list

  7. Joseph, I liked this idea quite a bit, so I took it to town. Go to to see my lists.

  8. So, I can’t remember how I finally saw Chaplin, VHS rental perhaps, but I remember really enjoying it. Diane Lane co-stars which was the main reason for me tracking it down and while she does a good job, so does everyone else in the ensemble cast. Pull out the VCR, rent a tape, and check it out.

    Also, you kick much ass for remembering ‘War of the Buttons.’ It’s been SO LONG since I’ve seen this but I loved it as a kid. Probably more than I would if I watched it now. Nostalgia, haha.


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