Top 10 Guilty Pleasures…

…movies that I like, but probably shouldn’t.

In descending order according to their IMDb rankings:

The Master of Disguise

Honestly, I don’t know WHY I like this one.

Kung Pow! Enter the First

It’s just a lot of Oedekerk-y (Yes, I had to copy/paste that name) fun.

Ang Lee’s Hulk

Yes, I definitely prefer this over The Incredible Hulk. Better casting, story, and direction. I won’t go into too much detail, though. I’m wanting to do a more in-depth review at some point down the road.

Lady in the Water

(Got tired of the usual poster) Again, I’m wanting to write up a review for this as well. But I really enjoyed watching this one. Fun and intriguing.

Intolerable Cruelty

What can I say? It’s a quirky romantic comedy from the Coen Bros. You can read my review here.


It’s a Weird Al film starring Michael Richards and a mop. Watch it already! There are just TOO many clips that I could show. But this one is a personal favorite:

Cop Land

People probably do like this one, but it deserves the plug. 🙂

Cannibal: The Musical

Yeah, definitely a guilty pleasure. A college film from Tery Parker and Matt Stone? Count me in.

The Adventures of Milo & Otis

Pugs are cute.

Peter Jackson’s King Kong

I get a lot of flack for preferring this to the original. What can I say? It blew me away. Sure it isn’t perfect, but neither is the original.

This post was for the Guilty Pleasures Blog-a-Thon at Invasion of the B Movies.


7 Responses

  1. Stanley Spadowski Rules!
    The only one on your list I cringe just thinking about is “Master of Disguise”. Yet to see canibal the musical, but I have great hopes for it….Its troma after all.


  2. Copland is good. I feel you on Intolerable Cruelty though, I’ve got a few romantic comedies I only watch with the door closed and the volume very low.

  3. Out of your list, I love:
    Milo & Otis
    Cop Land

    Great list though, I’ve seen all of them except for Cannibal.

  4. Copland is a great pick for a guilty pleasure… bad, but totally watchable the whole way through. I specifically like Stallone in that film.

    As for Milo and Otis, I heard an urban legend that there is animal cruelty/torture/death in that film. What I mean is, I heard it was shot in Japan and the filmmakers just sort of abused and misused animals in some of the “animals vs. nature” sequences. Don’t know if this is true… just something I heard. Anyone know about this???

  5. Yeah, I like Cop Land too – I definitely wouldn’t call it “bad.” About 60% of the very large cast was later on Sopranos.

    Milo and Otis brings back some memories too. But yeah, I hated King Kong.

  6. We have a pug named Scooter. He’s goddamned awesome.

    I’m with you on Intolerable Cruelty as well. UHF, too – any movie with Kramer years before Seinfeld is a-ok in my books. The rest I either haven’t seen (Master of Disguise, Kung Pow, Milo) or didn’t care for. Hated Lady in the Water, and King Kong, though impressive, was just too damn long.

  7. haha… I forgot all about Milo & Otis. I loved that movie when I was younger! Also, I really liked Lady in the Water, as well! Glad I’m not the only person out there.

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