Blog-a-Thon: First Batch

Here’s the first batch of reviews for the Unseen DVD Blog-a-Thon:

Name: Nick
Site: Demented Door Knob
Entry: Nobody Knows

Name: Adam
Site: Counting the Hours
Entry: Batman: The Movie

Name: Connor
Site: Celluloid Fire
Entry: Zodiac

Name: Leeny
Site: 353 Review
Entry: Surf Nazis Must Die / Psycho Beach Party

Name: Tommy
Site: Pluck You Too
Entry: Steel Magnolias

Name: Scott
Site: He Shot Cyrus
Entry: Fatal Attraction

The blog-a-thon officially ends on the 17th, so keep the reviews coming! If I’ve forgotten your entry, leave a comment here and I’ll put a link to it. Thanks to everyone who’s participated so far!


2 Responses

  1. CRISPEN!!! That is the EXACT casting choice I tell people the people over in Gotham should make…it would be pitch perfect…

    PSH would be brilliant too…

    I love George Washington, so seeing it again will be fun…although it may be a day or two longer than I thought…I am in the process of getting my grandfathers old 8 mm video camera…I got his projector and some old film today…I’m pretty excited!

  2. What an awesome project! There are some incredibly good movies there- Zodiac and Fatal Attraction are two of my favorites.

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