NetFlix Update

1. History of the World: Part 1 (Dir. Mel Brooks)

Why Did You Pick That?

‘Cause it’s Mel Brooks AND Madeline Kahn; an excellent combination of awesome.

2. George Washington (Dir. David Gordon Green)

Why Did You Pick That?

After watching All the Real Girls, I’ve been wanting to watch more of Green’s films.

3. My Voyage to Italy (Dir. Martin Scorsese)

Why Did You Pick That?

Martin Scorsese talking about films that have impacted him? Count me in!


6 Responses

  1. Hey, I added a link to your blog-a-thon yesterday. Hope it helps.

  2. George Washington SUCKS. It was a waste of time. I honestly wouldn’t bother I did a review of it a while back, if you’re interested:

  3. That’s what’s so great about film: Polarizing opinions. I’ve heard people rave about George Washington and others that hated it. Now I definitely need to see it. 🙂

  4. Well, really, it didn’t SUCK. I just had no real opinion of it (and I ultimately wouldn’t watch it again). Like I said in my review, there were parts of it that were AMAZING. But for every amazing scene there was a polar opposite of extreme suckage. They kinda canceled each other out. And then the movie never goes anywhere and ends on a note of pointlessness and I-was-just-made-to-be-artsy. And what I mean by artsy is like… when it’s like… a video of two bees having sex and a man farting and it’s considered high art because it makes no sense and it’s abstract.

  5. I’ve not seen “George Washington,” but Marty running his mouth off about the movies is always entertaining.

  6. Hey man,

    Totally revamped my blog today – stop by and leave me a comment, I want to know what you think!

    I also added you to my links

    PS, hook is the bomb

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