Awesome Cameo: Hook

There’s a really interesting cameo in Steven Spielberg’s Hook, which I learned about recently. Watch the following clip and see if you can guess who it is before scrolling down for the answer:


Finished watching the video? Glenn Close plays the pirate who Hook interrogates and puts in the box with the scorpion. I caught the end of Skylark on TV last night and was reminded of her cameo. Pretty freaky, eh?


4 Responses

  1. That is incredible!

    This wasn’t the cameo I thought you were talking about.
    When I was a pro-wrestling obsessed teenager, there were rumors that Mick Foley played a pirate that bumps shoulders with Peter as he’s walking.
    Never did find out if that was true.


  2. Ha – you weren’t joking. I think I heard about this a loooong time ago, but had long since forgotten. Indeed, great cameo – akin to Cate Blanchett’s in Hot Fuzz, almost.

  3. That was the worst part of Hot Fuzz for me. I recognized her right way and was mad that she wasn’t in the rest of the film. 🙂

  4. […] this unlikely pair ’cause of something I saw on somebody else’s blog … over at Cinexcellence where Striderdemme has a link to a YouTube video of a strange cameo, I saw this clip of Glenn Close […]

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