3:10 to Half.com

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I recently purchased a copy of James Mangold’s film 3:10 to Yuma via Half.com and it arrived in the mail today. As you can see in the video, the production was “Acceptable”. Now I know what that classification means. 🙂

(And yes, those are pieces of the case falling onto the floor that you hear)

The DVD itself doesn’t look bad at all, which is quite surprising. I could care less about the DVD case.

Have you had any similar experiences?


6 Responses

  1. that isn’t acceptable! that’s messed up

  2. What’s wrong with the case?

    Seriously though, that sucks man, and I am surprised the dvd turned out all right.

  3. Send a email to the place you purchased the DVD, and the manufactor if listed. Let them know the condition of the item. The movie might be all you care about, but to recieve an item in that bad of condition is unacceptable. Ussualy companies are as suprised as you are, and sometimes, they even try to make it up to you.

  4. I once bought a DVD on eBay and got the wrong one. I kept it out of laziness. Supposed to get the new Manchurian Candidate…got American Wedding. Laziness has hurt my film collection.

  5. Ha! That is hilarious! … Not that that happened to you, but your video clip of it.

    I don’t know what Half.com is, but, yeah, I agree with the above comments that that condition is anything but “acceptable”.

    Then again, I’m an obsessive nerd and like the cases to be in good shape…. so…

  6. The reason why I don’t care about the case is because I’ve been using thin, half-size DVD cases for a year now.

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