Death to the Tinman

Death to the Tinman
Directed By: Ray Tintori
Starring: Jeff Delauter / Sophia Holman / Marvin Illman

Death to the Tinman is one of the most original and fascinating short films that I’ve seen. (It reminded me of Wes Anderson’s style a bit) I first saw it at the Nashville Film Festival last year, when it was shown before another film. It was one of those rare  experiences where I tuned into what I was watching 100%. It’s hard to describe, so I’m not even going to try.

That said, I recommend paying $2 for this at the iTunes Store. I’m curious what you think about it.


3 Responses

  1. Brilliant, brilliant little short film. I’ve probably watched it 20+ times and I like it more every time. Its one of my favorite things to show people because its so original and so short. The first few times I thought it was very weird and quite hilarious but I find myself more moved by it every time I watch it. Weird experiences I’ve had with this one … no doubt.

  2. What a story, and what a great format for it to be told. It has everything, the tragic hero, man VS. man, man VS. nature, and most of all man VS. himself. I relate to the characters from from the first few words, and it only gets better from there. It leaves me wanting more of the same, but I’ll go and get the novel, and read that, because to wish for more of the same, I think, is impossible. They get it right on this first shot, if they could do it again, I would love it, but I doubt any second attempt would come close to the wonderful balance achieved here. My thanks to all of the Cast, directors, producers, and everyone else involved. Thank you for a treasure of art!

  3. I just caught this short film on the Sundance Channel (or was it IFC?) while channel surfing and was quite impressed by it. It’s like the best student film you’ve ever seen — memorable images, charming execution and quite amusing. I was particularly taken with budding actress Sophia Holman. She’s got a wonderful presence. Hope to see her graduate to full-length feature films.

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