PDQ Reviews: Round 1

‘Cause I just don’t have time to expound.

The Station Agent: Beautiful in it’s simplicity and profound in it’s depth.

Be Kind Rewind: It was fun, and had a nice take on community, but there was something missing.

Joe Versus the Volcano: Peculiarly fascinating. Meg Ryan was awesome in this as three characters.

Fido: A Canadian zombie film with the tagline “Laugh your head off”.

The Savages: Brilliant performances from Philip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney.


7 Responses

  1. Mini responses to PDQ reviews:

    The Station Agent: All hail Patricia Clarkson, queen of the indies. Peter Dinklage is short.

    Be Kind Rewind: You go, Mos Def-con one.

    Joe Versus the Volcano: Offbeat, above average rom-com. Meg Ryan’s sexy overbite.

    Fido: Woof, burp, pass the thigh.

    The Savages: Laura Linney, have my baby.

  2. Great set of films there! I was so surprized that I enjoyed The Savages, it’s not often we see family from this perspective.

    The Station Agent is such an amazing film, I remember when it came out it was so refreshing to see something so fantastic.

    Fido ftw! Woohoo zombies and cancon!

    PDQ is an acryomn for.. ? 🙂

  3. PDQ = Very quick. 🙂

  4. Love the concept/title. The Savages is definitely the best of that lot.

  5. I love Station Agent- and it was filmed nearby. I’ve taken photos of the building and trains used for the film, for a future blog post when I get around to watching the movie again.

  6. You should definitely watch The Visitor if you get the chance.

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