Metropolis: The Real Deal

Hat-tip to Pluck, You Too! for the news.

Paula Félix-Didier, head of film museum Museo del Cine in Buenos Aires, discovered an uncut version of the 1927 science fiction film when she looked into reports that a tape in the archive was unusually long. She travelled to Berlin with a copy of the film and met with experts who say they are certain it is the missing original-length version of Lang’s masterpiece that reveals key plot scenes and an expansion of minor roles, Die Zeit said ahead of the publication of its Thursday edition.

I am immensly pleased by the news. I watched Metropolis in a class on European Cinema last semester and loved it. It’s a crazy, awesome silent film directed by Fritz Lang. I’m looking forward to the day when I can watch the whole film.

3 Responses

  1. This is indeed great news. I hope a company like Kino or Criterion gets their hands on this print. I recently saw this film at a local Sci-Fi meetup, and was underwhelmed. The copy we saw had a huge slew of issue, especially the random generic classical score taked on. Sad moments had upbeat happy music, frantic scenes had slow plodding funeral march music. It really messed with my enjoyment of the peice.

  2. YES! I just read this on the GreenCine feed. Kino has a darn good version with a perfectly rerecorded score, but I hope Criterion picks up the real deal.

    Wouldn’t it be awesome to see a revival screening of this…

  3. Fabulous news! Like Colleeny, I hope a good company gets ahold of it.

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