Wall-E is a Must See

Directed By: Andrew Stanton
Starring: Ben Burtt / John Ratzenberger [voices] / Fred Willard

Synopsis: It’s the near future. Earth has been abandoned by it’s human inhabitants. A robot named Wall-E has been left on Earth to clean it up. His situation is changed when a visitor lands nearby.

Review: Wall-E is film for the whole family. It has a lot of heart and plenty to discuss about after seeing the film. Pixar is known for telling good stories, and Wall-E doesn’t let us down. It’s a fun and serious film. There are a few problems that I had with some of the techinical aspects and the story at the end, but it’s definitely worth watching in the theater.

You can watch previews for the film HERE. I recommend Teaser #1 because it doesn’t spoil the film that much, and the first part before the teaser starts is pretty neat.


One Response

  1. I loved it, best Pixar film to date. I think. I found “Finding Nemo” funnier, but ultimately preferred “WALL-E.”

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