Hancock Was Good

Directed By: Peter Berg
Starring: Will Smith / Jason Bateman / Charlize Theron

Synopsis: Will Smith plays Hancock, an apathetic superhero who causes more mayhem than he thwarts. When a P.R. man (Jason Bateman) is saved by Hancock, he takes it upon himself to help Hancock rid himself of his bad reputation.

Armed only with the knowledge afforded me by the previews, I went to see Hancock not quite knowing what to expect. I thought it was very entertaining and had a solid, original story. It looked great, and Will Smith did his thing. I didn’t care for the constant ‘shaky cam’ approach in the film and some parts of the story either didn’t make sense to me or could have used a few finishing touches. If you’re looking for a fresh superhero film (that won’t be joining the Avengers), Hancock is the film for you.

You can watch the preview for Hancock HERE.


2 Responses

  1. It’s been leaked that there is a change of tone from the film’s dark humor for the last act that many found disagreeable. Your thoughts?

  2. I’ll be posting a more in-depth discussion filled with spoilers in a few days or so.

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