DVD Releases 6/24

I don’t do this kind of post often, but there are a lot of films coming out this Tuesday that I’m interested in. And since I’m not being paid,I don’t have to talk about crap like this.

1. The Spiderwick Chronicles
Why? I saw this in the theater and loved it. Much more original and fun than it looked.

2. In Bruges
Why? A plethora of positive reviews.

3. Persepolis
Why? Any film that challenges Pixar deserves to be watched.

4. Charlie Bartlett
Why? The preview was cool, and I haven’t seen Anton Yelchin in anything.

5. Definitely, Maybe
Why? I don’t know. It looks fun yet smart, and got a good rating on IMDb.


2 Responses

  1. Woohoo to artistic freedom 🙂

    That is a fair selection of intriguing films for this weeks DVD releases! I really enjoyed Persepolis, and want to see In Bruges. Happy Shopping!

  2. Hmmm…I may have to give Spiderwick a shot…I haven’t really heard anything really about it, but I may just have to rent it…

    Persepolis is really great…definitley check that out, it’s amazing…

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