Upcoming Movie: The Love Guru

Every Summer blockbuster season has an outrageous comedy to go along with it. This year it’s Mike Myers in The Love Guru.

I remember seeing the first preview for the film a while back. The most recent one was released recently. I think I saw it with Iron Man. Here it is:

Go here for the hi-def version: Clicky!

Also, I recently stumbled upon some interesting videos promoting the film with Mike Myer’s character saying several Sutras. You can check them out on their youtube channel theloveguru.

What are your favorite Mike Myers films? Mine might have to be So I Married An Ax-Murderer. It’s hilarious and quirky.


2 Responses

  1. The only way Mike Myers would be funny again is if I used the time machine from the Austin Powers series and transported myself back to the late ’90s. Gonna have to ditch this laugh vacuum.

  2. Yeah…not sure I’m digging this one. Looks awful.

    I’m a Wayne’s World girl!

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